Vincent Casanova launches The Hyperspacial Landscape on Archipel label


Vincent Casanova already has steadily growing discography and has released on labels such as EpsilonLab and Subtropical. He has already released on Archipel and right now we are pleased to present his new solid release called "The Hyperspacial Landscape".


1. Nibiru Approaches (4:07)
2. Using Gravity (6:36)
3. See You in Hyperspace (7:46)
4. Penetration (6:49)
5. Procuring The Female (6:18 )
6. Interstep (7:08 )
7. Inserted Memories (6:25)
8. Holographic Everything (7:02)
9. Element 115 (7:08 )
10. Praying Mantis Abduction (8:04)

You can buy it on stores such:

More info:
The Hyperspacial Landscape - Download at Beatport
Source :
The Hyperspacial Landscape is available to download as MP3, or WAV.Download the release, The Hyperspacial Landscape, at Beatport, the recognized leader in electronic music.
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Spring Sale!
31 mars 2009 à 12:14
Spring Sale! Somfay album now available!

Since we’re a little bit behind with Somfay’s CD launch, as we realised last week we were no elves but simple musicians, we decided to offer you to buy it through here. You can simply hit us by email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. CDBaby will have copies next week, hopefully.

Prices are in canadian dollars:

- Collectible edition (limited) with pictures @ 35$ (each item is unique or so)

- Regular jewel case copy (no picture set) @ 18$

We only work through Paypal for money handling.

Interested in other Archipel’s records?

We have backstocks and we’d love to make some room here so we’re going to make you an offer you can’t resist. Hit us with your requests; insane discounts on multiple items orders!
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[archipelcd004] Social System - Autumm > Spring
30 mars 2009 à 15:08
Hola Amigos!!!!!!!!
I hope everyone had a nice weekend!!! :]

Today Archipel Label have a nice release for you!!!

[archipelcd004] Social System - Autumm > Spring
Label: Archipel
Cat: archipelcd004
Format: Digital Only
Release date: 30th March 2009

Archipel brings you a very special release on Digital Version.
Social System is the brainchild of Jean-Patrice Remillard (Pheek, from Montreal, Canada) and Jason Corder (Off the Sky, from Kentucky, USA).
They met via a North American tour put on by Montreal's Epsilonlab label which invited Germany's Thinner crew in 2003. Jason had mainly been producing ambient work but decided to try his hand at a more rhythmic approach to his music. Jean-Patrice liked what he heard and the two hit it off and began their collaborative efforts.
Due to their distance, Jason and Jean-Patrice had to compromise by using email and FTP which essentially brought them, digitally, within each other’s immediate vicinity. Through a sketch based approach, the two began work on their project with Jason handling most of the melodies and atmospherics and Jean-Patrice handling rhythm and structure. They broke the ice with their first official performance as Social System at Mutek 2005 in Montreal. This album contains the tracks which came to be from this constantly evolving collaboration.

“Autumn > Spring” is embedded with glassy candy melodies dashing in and out of heaving beats giving rise to a whole new season on sound. It takes the listener into a colourful and airy fall palette of sound. Some dubby vapour arises slowly out of ones mouth while sitting comfortably on a bench at the break of dawn with an irresistable frostyness. This album is ideal for a nap in the sand on a sunny summer afternoon after looking through a Polaroid photobook full of emotions.

The artists:

Pheek has been quickly taking the minimal techno scene with a solid hand, showing not only a very personal approach in sound design, but also stomping dancefloor with a witty live act. In the last years, he toured many times in Europe, UK, South America and USA. His numerous releases on labels such as Minus, Telegraph, Tic Tac Toe, Safari Electronique and Contexterrior have not stopped him from starting his own label, Archipel. Picked by DJs such as Magda, Richie Hawtin, Josh Wink and Ricardo Villalobos, Pheek has now the reputation of quality productions.

Off The Sky has made a name for himself from his tours in Europe and for his quality netreleases he has made in the last few years. Compared to the best ambient producers, he has defined a personal approach in research and development of his own sounds. His release on Databloem has gotten a lot of attention from European medias as a “new breeze of micro bleeps in a seascape of lively sounds.”


01 Spring
02 Autumn
03 Sidewalk Affair
04 Decasia
05 Green Eyes
06 Park Bench
07 Downpore Semifore
08 Up Below It
09 Milk Clouded
10 Up Draft

You can buy it on:

Of course, also on CD:

More info:


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[ARCH 062] Vincent Casanova - The Hyperspacial Landscape
[DKLL030] Rayuela - Sarabande EP

have a nice day! :]
Whatpeopleplay | Autumn > Spring
Source :

Label: Archipel
Cat: ARCH062
Format: Digital Only
Release date: 15th April 2009


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