Un nouvel album pour Tea Party

After more than 10 years of playing a seminal role as one of Canada's true rock bands it doesn't seem like The Tea Party - Jeff Martin (guitar/vocals), Stuart Chatwood (bass/keyboards) and Jeff Burrows (drums) will be running out of brilliant material any time soon. The band's much anticipated new album Seven Circles, will hit stores August 17th and true to form - they've delivered.
Over the years, The Tea Party have gained a solid, dedicated fan base -selling in excess of 1 million units in Canada.
Seven Circles, the ninth release from Martin, Chatwood and Burrows, enumerates the lives of the band members both emotionally and musically since 2001's The Interzone Mantras. The band's inimitable sound and prodigal musicianship continues on the new album, which should please their devoted fans and introduce them to some new friends.
Produced by Juno Award winner Gavin Brown (Billy Talent, Three Days Grace), Jeff Martin and the legendary Bob Rock (Metallica)and mixed by Randy Staub (Metallica, Nickelback), Seven Circles finds the band extending its ever-innovative sound with a musical immediacy that's poignant, spiritual and utterly sonic.
A dramatically powerful album, from the explosive lead single, "Writing's On The Wall," to the band's emotionally charged performance on "Oceans," along with the vocally dynamic, electronic rocker "Stargazer" and Martin's emotive lyrics in "Empty Glass" - finds The Tea Party at its captivating, uncompromising best.
The Tea Party is known for making pivotal, inventive and prevailing videos and the video for "Writing's On The Wall" is no exception. In addition to writing the original treatment for the clip, Stuart Chatwood also co-directed the video along with Stephen Scott. The video is described as a high-energy explosion of eye candy with the mind bending surrealism and pop art colours that suggest a meeting of Peter Max and Andy Warhol aboard the Yellow Submarine. An animated video depicts band members Jeff Martin, Stuart Chatwood and Jeff Burrows in a different light than ever before seen.
"Writing's On The Wall" is also making inroads at Rock Radio across Canada enjoying rampant airplay and instant saturation at the format.
Early reaction to the new album, has many calling it the most accessible record from The Tea Party and predicting that it will open doors for the band around the world. For now, fans of The Tea Party in Canada can look forward to seeing the band at venues across the country as they tour in support of Seven Circles. Visit www.TeaParty.com for dates near you.


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