Titan : un nouveau projet musical très intéressant !


Titan est le nouveau pseudo choisi par Mister V (Montréal) pour diffuser ses plus sauvages inclinaisons musicales. Si Justice serait né à Brooklyn et en avait fumé du méchant, il sonnerait probablement comme Titan mais en beaucoup moins bien.


Titan est une production des studios Troublemakers

Bio de l’artiste :
TITAN's powerful electronica is the land of ''anything goes'', there's no such thing as acceptable and proper behavior, it's all about the spontaneous expression that pops from the guts, which is then canalized into free, uncensored noise. If the body moves with the music, the mind shouldn't interrupt it's flow, and that's a rule!!! Behind TITAN there's a will to reject the biasing power of authority and tradition over music.

Originally from a country ruled by dictatorship, where abuse and torture are part of everyday life, the man behind TITAN found political asylum in North America, only to find a deeper and more sophisticated form of brainwashing....................... Are You Free?????????????


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