Skybombers Release New Album - Quebec City and Montreal dates


Melbourne, Australia's Skybombers came seemingly out of nowhere with a batch of songs that reminded you of everything good you ever liked about music over the last 30 years, delivered with the enthusiasm and energy of unbridled youthful exuberance. Tapping into the deep rock heritage that this region of Australia is renowned for, they quickly earned the reputation of being one of the country's current best and most raucous live bands, possessing both a lyrically conversational writing style and super-charged performances.

Skybombers' debut digital EP, Sirens, a batch of tracks they recorded mostly to play for their friends, landed the band a deal with Australian indie label, Albert Productions, home to rock icons AC/DC and started by the long-time writing/production team Harry Vanda and George Young of the Easybeats, the iconic '60s Australian band who influenced the Skybombers' sound.

"It Goes Off," Skybombers' import-only single, went into rotation on Indie Radio station 103.1 in LA and became in rotation during November 2007, all without a record deal or label behind it. It was during a Los Angeles gig at the Viper Room that the group met renowned producer, Rick Parker, who'd wanted to see the band live. The respect was mutual when they learned he produced the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the Von Bondies and Dandy Warhols. Deals were made and studio dates booked for late 2007.

Recorded in Los Angeles with Parker, Skybombers' debut full-length, Take Me To Town, taps into everything "good" and primal about rock and roll music - the attitude, the energy, the raw power. Unlike most "albums" today there's no filler; it rocks from the first cut and never slows down.

The track "Always Complaining" was immediately dubbed "Single of the Week" in Australia's largest newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, who described the song as "a corker of a power pop rock single which ticks all the right boxes." "Always Complaining" was also instantly added to Triple J -- Australia's most powerful nationally syndicated tastemaker radio station and the band recently supported the Foo Fighters on New Zealand dates. Since then, the band has been featured extensively in the Australian press,
including a Rolling Stone feature, as well as in scads of US print and online publications following their early 2008 "Passport Approved" US tour and an opening slot on legendary punk band X's reunion tour. "Always Complaining" will be featured as "The Coolest Song in the World" on Little Steven's Sirius show, "Underground Garage" on July 27.

The Skybombers came from nowhere and yet people (and fellow musicians) sat up and listened. In this media-saturated age, you can't fake that kind of excitement.

Don't miss The Skybombers Canadian dates!

August 13 - TORONTO - Tattoo Rock Parlour
August 14 - OTTAWA - Live Lounge
August 15 - MONTREAL - TBA
August 16 - QUEBEC CITY - The Casbah


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