Second hip hop film festival in Vancouver


From September 14th –18th, Vancouver will unroll the red carpet to welcome an array of films and documentaries from around the world during the second edition of the Vancouver International Hip Hop Film Festival (VIHF).
The Hip Hop Film genre, though very much representative of global social, economical, political
and artistic realities, is still struggling to find podiums. VIHF’s objective is to give these film jewels,
a niche in Canada as they have found in such cities as Sydney, Melbourne, New York and Atlanta
where International Hip Hop Film festivals are also held.
This year, films & documentaries from Japan, Cuba, the United States and Israel, amongst others,
will go beyond the music and use Hip Hop Culture as the vehicle for messages & points of views.
Canada will be represented with such documentaries as “4Real:Kenya“ by Vancouver’s Sol Guy.
The 30 minute documentary follows fellow Canadian K’Naan on a return trip to Africa.
Other goodies at this year’s Event include the presence of film directors Lisandro PeresRey (from
Cuba’s "La Fabri_K"), Sharmin MacKay (from South Africa’s "Definition of Freedom") & Kevin
Fitzgerald (from the USA’s Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme)
The VIHF Organizers are also responsible for the Montréal edition of the festival.
Last May’s “International
du Cinéma Hip Hop de Montréal


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