Sébastien Grainger launches new album, joins Outside Music


On October 21st the Outside Music label will release Sebastien Grainger’s long-awaited debut album Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains. Grainger is best known as the singer and drummer for Canadian dance-punk duo Death From Above 1979, who took the world by storm with the release of their breakthrough record You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine in 2004.

??Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains was written, recorded and mixed by Sebastien Grainger at Giant Studio in Toronto with James Shaw (Metric) lending engineering assistance on a number of tracks. A host of other artists contribute to the album including: Leon Taheny (Germans), Nick Sewell (Illuminati) and Andrew Scott (Bicycles & The Meligrove Band)

Fans of his prior music will likely be surprised by his new direction and its delicately layered ruminations rich with energetic arrangements and deep melodic undercurrents. With his first full-length album he further expands upon the well-received Ameri-can Names EP which was released earlier this year.

The album reflects the majesty its title suggests with big chords, and soaring choruses. Sebastien’s voice paints the portrait of a man still climbing. Pulling no punches, Grainger has crafted a muscular and smart rock record that will surprise people expecting him to relive his past.

Feeling like he is finally expressing himself on his own terms with the new record, Grainger is eager to hit the road once again and present these songs to the folks who’ve been curious about his next move. Although he’s a self-described “domestic person,” Grainger’s penchant for singing loudly, playing as hard as pos-sible, and getting sweaty is real–as real as people’s enthusiasm for him to keep doing so.

What they are saying about American Names:

“This 7-inch taste of his fall-slated debut soars on the A-side with a masterfully crafted pop rock assault, heavy on organ and rumbling with Nick Sewell’s bass. The flip side is a bit more dialed-down at first but builds to an explosive guitar blast near the end. If this wax slab (also available digitally) is any indication, the full-length is gonna murder us”. – NOW Magazine

“When Grainger goes by his given name, it means he's all about two things and two things only: the rock, and the roll.” – Pitchforkmedia

“American Names is a near-perfect teaser for what should be an epic reintroduction to one of the country's most promising songwriters.” – Chartattack

“Pure 21st-century Cheap Trickery.” – Eye Weekly

Track Listing
01 Love Can Be So Mean
02 Who Do We Care For?
03 By Cover of Night (Fire Fight)
04 I’m All Rage (Live ‘05)
05 I Hate My Friends
06 (Are There) Ways to Come Home?
07 Niagara
08 (I Am Like A) River
09 Love Is Not a Contest
10 American Names
11 Meet New Friends
12 Renegade Silence (feat. The Rhythm Method)

The Outside Music label formed in 2002 in order to release albums by some of the finest Canadian and international artists. Located in Toronto, Ontario, the label continues to flourish with a roster that currently includes The Sadies, Jill Barber, Matthew Barber, The Besnard Lakes, Sunparlour Players, Rebekah Higgs, Rock Plaza Central, The Diableros, The Hylozoists and Oh Susanna.

Visit www.outside-music.com / www.sebastiengrainger.net


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