Reuters Promotes Robson, Floeck in Regional Restructure

Reuters has named Jon Robson president of the Americas and Joerg Floeck president of Europe under a series of changes related to last week’s appointment of Devin Wenig as chief operating officer (IMD, June 19, 2006).
Robson, who retains his role as head of Focus Group Accounts, replaces Mike Steinharter, who has left the company, a source tells Inside Market Data. The changes, which were made last week, are effective immediately.
According to the source, the company felt it did not need two people leading the Americas business when one person could head up both areas. “The thinking behind it was, one thing Tom [Glocer, Reuters’ CEO] talks about is simplification. You’ve got two people… you should roll both of what they’re doing into one… have one person heading up two different areas rather than two separate people.


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