Remembering Devon Clifford


In light of the recent passing of Devon Clifford of You Say Party! We Say Die!, the band has cancelled their EU/UK tour with Winter Gloves.

''We at Paper Bag Records were so proud to know Devon and will forever remember him as a passionate musician who was always ready with a joke and a smile. We will miss him terribly, but take comfort in the fact that he lived an incredibly full life, changing people's lives for the better and doing what he loved.''

XXXX will still be released in the UK on May 17, 2010, and the "There Is XXXX (Within My Heart)" single, featuring remixes by Mathemagic, SkullKrushers and Tremulance, is slated for a May 4 release in North America.

For more information on You Say Party! We Say Die!, you can visit:


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