Party d'Halloween Scorpion à Montréal le 1er novembre 2007


This is the party you've been dreaming about: $9 at the door (free entry for Scorpios) and NO COSTUMES allowed.

Imagine you are a Scorpio, it's your birth month, and for once it's NOT HALLOWEEN... Isn't that worth celebrating with all of your friends?

Now what we promise is: a party with lots of surprises thanks to FINLANDIA VODKA (our proud sponsor), lots of intense & sexy Scorpios, lots of 80's music and lots to talk about...

This is the one "non-Halloween party" that you simply cannot afford to miss!

P.S.: for all of you non-scorpios out there, this is your once in a lifetime opportunity to see what all those crazy scorpios do when you're not there.


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