The origins of the White family of Quebec City

This is a reply from an Irish historian named Kevin Murphy (in Ireland) when Pat Donnelly of The Montreal Gazette newspaper asked him why the White family of Quebec City were Catholic although their name sounded British:

"With reference to the name White--it is well known here in the Crossmaglen area and all of them were Catholic. The name is from the Norman 'de Faoite' which predominates in the Wexford area. I suspect that the name came to South Armagh with an influx of South Leinster names after the defeat of the United Irishmen at The Naul in North Dublin in 1798.

The English version was White, after the colour, and these Whites are mostly concentrated in Antrim, North Derry and North Down. These Whites were Protestant and would have come over with the first plantation of Ulster in 1609. So it is more likely that your people (White from Quebec) were the Norman section."

To learn more about the White family of Quebec, read:

Grandfather's Books, by Teresa White,
published by Carraig Books of Quebec City.

The book can be ordered via La Maison Anglaise, Quebec City's sole English bookstore:


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