Ninjas crawling all over Montreal



Ninja Tune has a wide swath of fun shit coming up fast & furious over the next week and a half, gawdamn are you ready?

Friday Aug. 22 @ (brand! new!) Apple Store (1321 Ste-Catherine Ouest) at 7 PM - DJ SET
Sat Aug. 23 @ Zoobizzarre - (Bounce le) Gros Orteil w/ Big Toe's Hi-Fi & Maysr - Zoobizarre - DJ SET
Fri Aug. 29 @ LA RONDE Nuit Blanche - DJ SET

Whoo, our man here is MAD BUSY. Not satisfied with slaying sound systems at Francofolies, Montreal Jazz Fest and last week's Bridge Burner, Ghislain will keep the bass bouncing for all them curious ears all over Montreal not once, not twice, but 3 times in our fair city over the next 10 days (that breaks down to 1 sweaty fun time every 3.333 days). I'm crossing my fingers that he drops some of that sick new soca he's been concocting in the sound lab. Speaking of new heats, the Ninja HQ just digitally released the ill-as-f**k single 'Go Ballistic' feat. MC Zulu, with remixes by Toddla T & Duckbeats, King Cannibal and Tony-O, available now on all fine digital sites and coming soon on 12" vinyl.

For that hot fire, check the Toddla T & Duckbeats remix here:

Sunday Aug 24 @ Ile Ste-Helene
w/Bliss, Saseone & Lexis

We can all use a little dubstep and dancehall on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Piknic Electronik understands this and booked a stellar lineup for this weekend's edition, featuring our own Ghostbeard who will surely overpower the speakerstacks with a sick selection of fresh dancehall for you all to wine low & smoke out to. Check out his fantastic 'Girls Them Pet Ghostbeard' mix, and please marvel at the genius of this artwork:

aka Ninja's Monthly Excuse to Drink & Dance
Friday Aug 29 @ Casa Del Popolo (4873 boul. St-Laurent)
$3 all the night long

Special guest DJ:
Moonstarr ( ) - dirty bruk techno and hip hop with heavy Brazilian swing
& Special regulars:
Sweet Daddy Luv - all the chopped-up robot sock hop you can handle
Tashish - digital synth funk nastiness

Closing out the summer (and leading right into the 3-day birthday celebration for the one called Tashish) will be Clockout, our monthly excuse to drink and dance, albeit more foolishly than usual. Special guest selector this month will be Public Transit Recordings' own Moonstarr, coming fresh off the critical and dancefloor acclaim for his remix of Daedelus' 'Make It So' (available digitally & on wax via the good folks at Ninja Tune). Mr. Starr will be dropping some serious dancefloor music, and may give us a taste of the fresh new music from his upcoming album Instrumentals Forever due out in North Am in late Fall 08. Sweet Daddy Luv will lace you all with that 'chopped up robot sock hop' he's obsessed with nowadays, and myself Tashish will come with that synth funk heat skipping all over different BPMs.

Oh, what, you want to join our Facebook group? Why certainly! Please excuse the ridiculous length of this, my apple mail hates hyperlinks:… group.php?gid=6130348839&ref=ts

Saturday Aug 30 @ Zoobizarre
Featuring: Mofomatronix (Turbocrunk) w/guest Tashish + surprise guest

The Mofomatronix boys have had quite the year. Their Turbocrunk monthlies with Megasoid, Lunice and Blingmod have featured some of the sickest producers & rappers working it out in that glitch bass / digital crunk / ill shit vein to packed room teeming with lovers of the low lean sounds. Lest we forget that the Mofos birthed their monster live PA sounds at their wildly-popular Bassculture nights at Zoobizz way back when. After stepping off the plane from their current European tour adventures, the Mofos will host the return of Bassculture, and I'll be guesting at this one, throwing down some foundation shit and current extrapolations of where this sound is moving. And yes, this will be round 2 of my birthday party weekender.