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Here down I'd like reduce all the content to "the max" and update you with a selection of headlines, links and stories of and about Abe Duque, Alex Smoke, Dewalta, Gebrüder Teichmann, Laurent Garnier, Martinez, Miss Kittin, Nico Purman, T.Raumschmiere, Terence Fixmer, The Hacker and Undo. If you miss any information: see above, the new website.

Gabriel Berlanga aka Undo is a busy man: he became father for the second time last month and his label Factor City is in full swing after the releases from Paul Kalkbrenner, Stimming & Alexander Kowalski and Undo & Vicknoise.

On April 12th is to be released the compilation "Peace" by Amnesty International and Buffetlibre: Undo, amongst many other artists from over 50 countries, joins this project with a beautiful song called "Stay In Bed". Here is the link where you can download the track for free: http://www.onabooking.com/sets/stay_in_bed.wav

Undo has also just finished a remix for the next Factor City 12" by Holger Zilske & Dave DK "Flumomatic" to be released in April. And the next Undo EP is to be released on ³Factor City Unlimited² in May including remixes from Daniel Maloso (Comeme) and Sistema.
Undo is currently working on his next solo album, to be released after the summer.

Dangerous: Marco Haas aka T.Raumschmiere reactivates his solo live act. His new set will take the lost path of Monstertruckdriver and merge the idea of his strictly ambient "Random Noize Sessions" into a bombastic techno live show entitled "Random Rave Sessions". That show will include new material aswell as Monstertruckhits for the big rave floor. T.Raumschmiere will play with a basic set up using MPC, FX and sound machines.

Also T.Raumschmiere produced the track "Go On" together with the ex "Dirty Princess" singer Yasmin Gate and he also appears in the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlxZnR56X_A

End of 2009 Michel Amato aka The Hacker launched his new label "Zone" together with his partner and manager Alexandre Reynaud: "No introduction, no conclusion, just substance." Watch out on: http://www.zone-music.fr

The Hacker is also working on his new solo live show, touring from April on, including also new and unreleased material.
And watch out for his 3rd solo artist album, to be released after Summer 2010.

After the positive feedback on his "Electric City" EP on Electric De Luxe Records, Terence Fixmer has created a new techno mix for Dublin's "Tenth Planet". You can listen to DJ Terence Fixmer here: http://soundcloud.com/tenthplanetmusic/terence-fixmer-tenth-planet-mix-0...

Our Argentinean drumline captain has moved and is now based in Berlin, Germany.

He released his last EP "Rhapsodies" on Vakant in December, Rrygular Records published his remix of Kleinschmager Audio's track "Audio1" and his remix for Marcelo Tag's "Venezia" is out on Carnival Records. Watch out also for his remix for Ahemt Sisman's "Candela" on Slash Records, as well as his 2 remixes for Cape's "Desasters - Nico Purman" on Airdrop.

Listen to his wonderful "Interstellar Discotheque Podcast" he did for the Vakant website in February: http://vakant.net/tag/nico-purman/

In 2010, Caroline Hervé aka Miss Kittin is focusing on her project "République" that she established with several events at the "Bataclan" in Paris since 2008 and that is now touring the world: Miss Kittin shares the night with one partner, changing set every hour from the beginning to the end. Check the current République dates on http://www.kittinrepublique.com and find videos, photos and more on http://misskittin.com/blog .

Miss Kittin has also compiled a CD along the special edition of "20 Years of Groove" magazine, out end of May 2010.
Just released: "Kittin's Karaoke Princess Style mix" of Felix Da Housecat's "We All Wanna Be Prince" on Nettwerk and Miss Kittin's contribution to Estroe's "Le Flaneur" on Connaisseur Recordings.

After their world wide live tour in 2009 along the release of their second album "Two", the French duo is on a break until autumn 2010. New live shows from October 2010 will be announced soon. Have a look at this feature and interview about Miss Kittin & The Hacker on velle.us:


There's lots of new exciting music coming from Martin Swanstein aka Martinez in 2010: He will release his solo album "The Paradigm Shift" in May 2010 on Moon Harbour. The release tour will start in April.
His EP "Cheasecake" on Moon Harbour and his remix of Seth Troxler feat. Matthew Dear's "Hurt" on Spectral Sounds is out since Janaury. His track "Charisma" got released on "La Pena006" in February 2010. And Martinez Remix of Oxia & Nicolas Masseyeff's "Keep The Drums" is to be out on April 21st on vinyl on Tsuba Records.

To celebrate the release of the Audiojack's single "Shizophonic" including a Martinez Remix, he has delivered a deep and jazzy house podcast to 2020Vision, enjoy: http://www.2020recordings.com/podcasts/59

Laurent released his (free) Iphone Application where we can listen to his online radio PBB (www.pedrobroadcast.com) and check the playlist and the releases that he selects for us. We also get access to the details of his upcoming concerts and DJ gigs. More info at Apple's Itunes- / App-store.

In April and May, Laurent is touring with his "Live Booth Sessions" (DJ & Live Mix Set) with Scan X and Benjamin Rippert. But his main focus remains on the "full band live show": check out the most recent concert at La Salle Pleyel in Paris from March 13, 2010, now online at Arte TV:

His new EP "Alaska" on Crosstownrebels got released on vinyl and digital on March 8, 2010.
are currently finishing their second artist album that is going to be released in 2010.
Since 2009 they curate the music collaboration project NRBLN with Goethe Institut Nairobi, featuring Berlin artists like Modeselektor, Jahcoozi and Kenian artists like Mr. Abbas, Mc Lon' Jon, Kimya and Ukoo Flani. The second workshop will happen in Nairobi end of March and beginning of April. NRBLN will also be part of the "Cultureweeks" in Johannesburg in South Africa during the Worldcup 2010.
Their track "Dirty Laundry" with Mr. Abbas, Lon' Jon and Kimya is featured in movie "Music Soul Boy" (Tom Tykwers / Hawa Essumans) which was screened for the first time at the Berlinale Festival at Zoopalast in Berlin on February 19, 2010.
Also the brothers are reactivating their label Festplatten, starting with the album debut "Echoes of Jericho" of Andi's Noiseband "The Happy End".
Have a look at their various projects: http://www.youtube.com/teichtv/

Watch out for upcoming DeWalta releases in 2010 on labels like Haunt, Cynosure, Vakant and Meander. Also soon: his remixes for Mathias Kaden, Mike Shannon and Guillaume & The Coutu Dumont.
DeWalta compiled and mixed his "Family Gang Mix" pod cast for Vakant Records; finest classic and up-to-date House music, enjoy: http://vakant.net/news/dewaltas-family-gang-mix-december-2009/

It has been almost four years since the release of "Paradolia" in 2006 but finally the wait is over: "Lux" (release date: March 23, 2010) is the result of Alex Smoke's hard work and delves into more abstract and experimental territory whilst retaining the melancholic musicality of its predecessors. The development of his own Hum+Haw label has given him the opportunity to realize his creative vision and to solidify his reputation as a true electronic music innovator.
In advance of his third album "Lux", Alex Smoke released on 25.01.09 his single "Lux+" on Hum and Haw records.
Watch the video of "Lux+" on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c80oHOW8DmI
and check out the amazing "Lux+ Concert Hall Mix" on his myspace site: http://www.myspace.com/alexsmoke1

Abe claims that he and an imaginary artist companion, Andy Orel, once ran a magical club in Guatemala and NY, a place called Limelight, that was known by all the superhombres that lived there as "Abuse Industries". Abuse Industries will start again together with DJ Hell with parties in New York (March 20, Cielo) and at the WMC (March 24). More on www.abeduque.net . Abe also says that he will release a compilation in May with his own edits of Limelight acid classics ("Live And On Acid" out in May, 2010).
Released in February 2010: ³Classics and Remakes²: Oliver Huntemann remixes "Following my Heart", Jay haze remixes "Disco Nights", John Digweed and Nick Muir remix "Hypocrisy", all on Process Recordings.
And Abe Duque's remixes, just released: Remute: "Cracking Skulls", Tresor. Daniel Meteo: "In the Mood", Shitkatapult. Savas Pascalidis: "The Final Phase", Sweatshop. Jon Virtue: "Breadsnapper", Aciitone Records. And coming soon: DJ Hell: "Wonderland", International DeeJay Gigolo Records.


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