A new Web site for DJ Tiga


"What started as a dream in the late 70's is now finally a reality...my website is finally ready. I am not totally convinced it was worth the effort (but that is because I have grown to hate computers)....but my advisors have told me my plan for the worlds largest courier-pigeon based fanclub is not financially viable... so until then I present WWW.TIGA.CA: . Enjoy the almost-fancy graphics, delight in the miracle of making cyberfriends with other people who like my music and/or my "vibe", and bask in the glow of my official discography. I have made an oath to Thomas Von Party (who will run the site, and also happens to be my brother) to keep it "fun" and "interesting" with new and exciting personal content like gig-diary entries, fingernail-length-tracking spreadsheets, exciting top 10 charts ("top 10 "CRAZIEST" things that have happened in Portugal) and even more wild stuff. So, enjoy my new site and have a wonderful day." Signé: Tiga


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