New pictures of painter Henry-Daniel Thielcke and his wife emerge in New York



I have received an email on July 17, 2015 from Patricia de Gogorza Gahagan, an American citizen. She shed more light about the family of the British painter Henry Daniel Thielcke (H D Thielcke), who moved to Quebec City in the 1830s and later to Chicago near 1855. He died there in the 1870s.

Patricia de Gogorza Gahagan wrote that her sister Francesca Moravcsik (nee de Gogorza) and her have been planning to visit Quebec City this year to try to see first hand some historical and artistic records of H.D. Thielcke.

She has been assembling her family archives for several years. Her paternal grandmother was Flora Thielcke de Gogorza (1871-1960), a librarian, who started the Children’s library in Brownsville Brooklyn NY. She is the daughter of Charles Mackay Thielcke, himself a son of Henry-Daniel Thielcke. The family has left newspaper clippings and written information about some of the family, including photo portraits of H.D. Thielcke and his wife, which are enclosed here. Her grandmother’s writing on the back identifies H.D. Thielcke and his wife, Rebecca Thielcke (born Piercy in 1801). Rebecca Thielcke died in 1880.

From the information I have, and I may be wrong, Flora Thielcke married Ernesto de Gogorza (Del Monte & Gogorzo families moved from Spain to Brooklyn, New York). They had one kid: E. Maitland de Gogorza (1898-1941), who married Julia Brodt
Ernesto’s brother, Emilio de Gorgorza, married Emma Eames but they had no children. Julia Brodt and Ernesto de Gogorza had three kids: Franceska, Patricia, Madelaine.

All my file on Henry-Daniel Thielcke can be found here in French and English :

A book on Thielcke is on its way. I am been working on it since 2009.

This is a great project which started in 1997 when my ex-girlfriend Annie Fraser started to do research on Thielcke for Laval University arts history professor David Karel, who died a few years ago. Annie died also in 2001.

I have decided to pursue their research, as a tribute to them. And to make sure that Thielcke gets the recognition he deserves.