New book on British royal painter Henry Daniel Thielcke by Patrick White now available from Laval University Press in Canada


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Henry Daniel Thielcke. La vie d'un peintre royal méconnu.

This is information concerning Patrick White's book about the painter Henry Daniel Thielcke (1788-1874) from Laval University Press (PUL) : Henry Daniel Thielcke. La vie d'un peintre royal méconnu.

The biographical essay in French on the subject of this little-known British royal painter has been published mid-January 2022.

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This essay is based in part on research conducted by Annie Fraser (1969-2001) and arts historian David Karel, who died in 2007. Patrick White expanded upon this research by launching a large-scale journalistic investigation spanning three countries.

This work retraces the steps of HD Thielcke, a little-known painter, his biography and his time in Quebec between 1832 and 1854. It contains color images of Thielcke's work. Patrick White has tracked down 80 of the painter's works.

About Henry Daniel Thielcke

Henry Daniel Thielcke (1788-1874) nearly fell through the cracks of history. Author Patrick White, from Quebec City, recounts the fascinating career of a painter who was born in Buckingham Palace and grew up as part of the British royal family until 1820, before moving on to Scotland (1820-1831), Quebec City (1832-1854) and Chicago (1854-1874).

Thielcke grew up in the royal household at Queen's House, because his parents were servants of King George III and Queen Charlotte.

An underestimated and relatively unknown painter, Thielcke was nevertheless talented and resilient, and he led a nomadic life, propelled by a curious destiny. This long-term journalistic investigation began in 2006, in the wake of the art history research undertaken by David Karel and Annie Fraser. This essay is a duty of remembrance.

Thielcke rubbed shoulders with some important figures of the day in Quebec, notably Louis-Joseph Papineau, François-Xavier Garneau, Antoine Plamondon, Joseph Légaré and Thomas Amiot. It was a fascinating time and a far cry from the issues of today.

Why this book?

A duty of remembrance towards a painter who deserves to be known and who was overlooked. And a duty of remembrance towards two art historians who died in the early 2000s: Annie Fraser and David Karel. Patrick White furthered their research and investigation on Thielcke for nearly 15 years.

Patrick White has been journalist since 1990. He has worked for CTV News, Reuters, The Canadian Press news agency, Le Journal de Québec, and Huffington Post. He is now professor of journalism at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) and director of the Journalism School at UQAM.

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