New album for The Orb - Nouvel album pour The Orb



The Orb, for years the most fearlessly fascinating sonic marauders on this or any other planet, have returned in 2008 with a new album, The Dream, marking a long-awaited reunion between eternal mainstay Dr. Alex Paterson and lifelong friend and original inter-galactic conspirator Youth. The Dream sees a return to the original spirit which spawned the first two classic albums, The Orb's Adventures In The Ultraworld and U.F. Orb.

Working with former Dreadzone studio-wiz Tim Bran and a gaggle of guests, Alex and Youth have created a work of stunning beauty and immediacy while never losing sight of The Orb's original quest to homage personal musical obsessions while exploring sonic territories few dare to tread. The Dream is one of those rare albums that weave its own unique magic after repeated listens.