Nantha Kumar celbrates its 50th birthday!



Dear Friends, this is indeed a special birthday celebration for me: to admit that I have turned 50, and not 40 as I have been doing for the past ten years. I am sure I must have missed someone, so just to make sure that no one is left out of this special celebration, Peter from Boa has kindly paid for an ad in the Mirror to make sure everyone is invited. He has also arranged for special drink prices at Boa for Friday night. T`cha and Bliss (maybe Keith aka Dj Ever ) will spin… and I have taken Thursday and Friday off. The rest will be history.

(Nantha Kumar est l'ancien proprio du resto Nantha's Kitchen, sur la rue Duluth à Montréal. Il est aussi un bon ami pour la vie nocturne et un conseiller publicitaire senior au Montreal Mirror/ICI Montréal.)