Musique: ma découverte de la semaine: Printer


Mon ami Duncan Moore m'a fait découvrir le groupe danois Printer ( du bon électro-pop à saveur new wave qui s'inspire de Human League, OMD et Depeche Mode:

Ça vous donne droit à 25 téléchargements gratuits de MP3 et une pinte pour moi!

That link gets you 25 free mp3s... and a pint for me!

Denmark's Printer is one of those bands that sound like the members pooled all their cash for one 1979-model synthesizer, then used it to make an entire album. In terms of overall aesthetic, their references are the first couple pre-fame Human League albums, the first few OMD albums, and the moody cuts from Depeche Mode's A Broken Frame. And, thanks to the likes of Aphex Twin and Autechre, they use bits of telephone static for percussion and detail. The Postal Service. Junior Boys. And now Printer.


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