Musique électronique: les nouveautés de Thinner. En vedette: Gabriel Le Mar


gabriel le mar – dubwize :

gabriel le mar is a veteran in electronic music with over 25 album productions on his belt. synonymously his name stands for a decade of deep dub techno and consequently pushing tracks for intense nights on the floor. in this process the productive artist likes to integrate himself in different artistic constellations with project pseudonyms such as subsonic park, aural float or justin sequence. next to his many music projects gabriel also works with aural float (alex azary, pascal f.e.o.s. and gabriel le mar) on audiovisual concepts: as a team they did the artistic supervision of spacenight, a prototype of an integral tv-concept, utilizing spectacular pictures and visionary soundscapes which became a landmark success on german television and was highly acclaimed on an international level and remains a synonyme for chillout until today.

on his brandnew album "dubwize" le mar offers 8 new tracks which are tailored for the dub inspired clubber, combining different playful approaches of dubwith the functionality and stringency of techhouse music, without sounding like another basic channel epigone, but rather to focus on an own approach with different methods and results. precisely this means that the length of an album context is used to tell a story: agile tracks like the opening "dubster" mixes and the more minimal pounding "love dub" alternate with spheric minimal groovers like "seasonal dub" and "time for everything". bridges are built by more minimal functional grooves like "minitex" or "nova bluez" which give an opportunity to exhale. a perfect on-the-point production, "dubwize" sounds refreshingly variable and discrete, caused by an uncoerced approach in the studio and conveyed by the input received by the creative exchange processes with his project partners and last but not least, the musical socialization which encompasses rich influences from king tubby to andy stott is definitely a factor which helps gabriel to stay refreshingly flexible.


nominated releases at qwartz awards: thn098 & thn100

the album "urlaub auf balkonien" by krill.minima is nominated as "best artist album" at the qwartz electronic music awards 2009. so far the album has been fully downloaded over 35'000 times and is our most loved item on this is the opportunity to demonstrate that netlabel releases can be as significant as an artist album by other nominees like supermayer or michaela melian. krill.minima and thinner appreciate if you voice your opinion and vote at the qwartz awards for "urlaub auf balkonien" and the compilation thn100.


slow – love

after a hiatus of over a year, the final autoplate release sees the debut of russian artist slow. once we received his demo during the summer we knew right away that we found the perfect soundtrack for the funeral of autoplate - we're very happy to give life to the project "slow" and at same time wave goodbye to our friends and supporters.

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thinner live:

14/03/09 // darmstadt / level 6 // gabriel le mar / marko fürstenberg (live)

28/03/09 // copenhagen / culture box // marko fürstenberg (live)


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