MEATDRAW - Fin Du Monophone + Spring Tour Announced


Based in Victoria, BC, but likely to be found wandering any given region of North America, Meatdraw is one of the best carnival exorcism dance bands in the world. The fierce, raging joy with which they transport and delight their audiences is rock music, amplified by horns, saw, accordion, and intricate musicianship. Stomp-gospel dirges, post-apocalyptic crooner ballads, mythic power anthems, and ghostly car-chase jazz suites are channeled through these talented deviants (who include members of Rantmusic, AA Soundsystem, Frog Eyes, Hank&Lily, and The Pine Family).

In the spring of 2008 on an old hippy commune on a West Coast island, dogs barked, neighbours visited, drinks were poured and the stove religiously stoked. Adorned in scarves and toques and surrounded by a romanticized setting, Meatdraw and Colin Stuart warmed their hands, stood tall and recorded a blazing self-help audio book about the end of the world.

Fin Du Monophone comes out April 14th on Self Righteous Records, and is the sophomore undertaking. The album is a catchy, hand-clapping hallelujah, a worthy follow up to Meatdraw’s 2006 self-titled debut heralded as a “flamboyant expression of the musically bizarre”.

With any project the band has its dirty hands in, be it a new video or its infectious, barely keeping it on the rails live show, an underlying theme ties the whole experience together. Meatdraw’s lean, mean pop-alyptic Fin du Monophone is no exception.

Thematically, lyricist Marco Bozenich draws from Russel Hoban’s 1980 novel “Riddley Walker,” a story set in a post-Apocalyptic world and told through the broken language of a young boy. “The whole language is drawn from all these random books that the author decided to integrate into the story, so the language is so bizarre,” Bozenich describes. “There are little bits from the Bible and little bits from random novels that together create their own version of history.”

The record’s sense of urgency and impending attack imbues tracks with the coercive rhythm section driving “Are We Gonna Die”, “A Very Evil Villain” and the adorably infectious “Old World”. With offerings “Like A Wounded Animal”, “Voodoo Don’t Work” and “Black License Plates” the band exorcises its ghosts with spirited keys and significant vocal harmonies. Clear-cut ukulele, guitars and united melodies drive tracks “Crazy”, “In The Afterlife”, and “Roy (Bomb Shelter Romance)”. The last track emphatically answers the first with an united “We Are Not All Gonna Die” fading out with the arrestingly ominous horn section field call. All in a shit-hot album that clocks in at under 35 minutes!

This spring is your chance to capture the ferocious energy that is MEATDRAW LIVE (check out dates below!)

Tour Dates:
May 1 The Media Club – Vancouver, BC

May 2 Habitat – Kelowna, BC

May 3 Nanton Auditorium – Nanton, AB
May 4 Palamino – Calgary, AB

May 5 The Exchange – Regina, SK

May 7 Lydia’s – Saskatoon, SK

May 9 The Apollo – Thunder Bay, ON

May 11 Phog Lounge – Windsor, ON

May 12 The Black Shire – London, ON
May 13 The Hive – Kitchener, ON

May 14 Casbah – Hamilton, ON

May 15 Mitzies Sister – Toronto, ON

May 16 The Black Sheep Inn – Wakefield, QC

May 17 Le Divan Orange – Montreal, QC

May 18 The Living Room – Kingston, ON
May 21 The Black Dog – Edmonton, AB

Stay tuned for more Canadian dates coming soon!

“Occasionally the album brings to mind something you might hear at a gypsy camp in the Balkans, but more often I’m reminded of a rootsier Flaming Lips, or portions of The Violent Femmes’ Hallowed Ground, albeit - if you can imagine - a little weirder. And that’s a very good thing."

- Nerve Magazine


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