Martinez's Moon Harbour Inhouse Vol. 3 Mix-CD + Exclusive RA LoMidHigh Mix


I am pleased to announce the release of the third Moon Harbour Inhouse Mix Compilation CD by Martinez and also his exclusive Resident Advisor mix for their label of the month, Lomidhigh.

Title: Moon Harbour Inhouse Vol.3
Format: Mix-CD (also available on 2x12" Vinyl)
Label: Moon Harbour
Cat No.: MHR010-2
Release Date: 01.04.09

Inhouse 3 ranges between classical house and the current development of the clubscene, where the borders between techno, minimal and house are becoming more and more blurred. The compilation seamlessly combines tracks by friends of Moon Harbour, (such as Boris Werner and Mathias Kaden, who have previously remixed for Moon Harbour); artists like Martinez and Vera who are currently the label's focus; newcomers, Dan Drastic & Chris Lattner (who are set to cause even more of a sensation in the future) and last but not least: Matthias Tanzmann and Luna City Express - the central members of the Moon Harbour family.

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We would be more than happy to send you a finished copy of the Mix-CD, which we have just received in the office! If you are interested, please respond to this email and send me your current postal address. Thank you.

Release Tour:
Please contact me for availabilities and conditions for a Martinez DJ set.
We are also happy to offer Moon Harbour label nights, in co-operation with Moon Harbour Booking:

Martinez is available to book in combination with one or more of the following artists:
Matthias Tanzmann + Luna City Express + Dan Drastic

Vera + Boris Werner + Chris Lattner

Martinez has made a two-hour exclusive mix of tracks from the trio of labels that make up the LoMidHigh family for Resident Advisor's "Label of the Month" feature on the Copenhagen-based outlet, masterminded by Daniel Lyons.

Download Martinez's exclusive RA LoMidHigh Mix here:

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