Le nouvel album de Moby, Last Night, sort mardi le 1er avril 2008 sur Mute Records


Non, ce n'est pas un poisson d'avril, et d'ailleurs voici l'excellente critique du magazine Billboard diffusée ce soir. Il s'agit du 6e album de Moby et on parle d'un retour aux sources, d'un album-phare:

Madonna, Seal: Big pop stars who started as dance artists have circled back to the floor on their latest albums. But ''Last Night,'' Moby's homage to/reconstruction of New York dance music over the course of his 42-year lifetime, is the only one that causes the desired effect: making you feel about the artist the way you did when you first heard him. The guy who sold millions of records by stretching gospel samples into lush sonic pastiches is still here -- just listen to ``Live Tomorrow.'' But so is the one who created '92 rave anthem ``Go'' -- the frantic piano riff and snare rolls of ``Stars'' give him away. Then there's the best '80s-style radio-friendly house track since the '80s (''Disco Lies''), and Kudu vocalist Sylvia Gordon closing it down with an apocalyptic torch song. Forget ''Play.'' This is the definitive Moby album.

Pour télécharger un des chansons de l'album: http://rcrdlbl.com/artists/Moby/download/Last_Night_Album_Mash-Up_Mix ou http://www.moby.com/


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