Le groupe Yazoo se reforme


Alison Moyet a accompli un de ses rêves, en finalisant la reformation du groupe Yazoo, qui a été fort connu au début des années 1980 avec son électro-pop sympathique et bon enfant. Elle rejoint donc Vincent Clarke. Une tournée commence le 26 mai et le band sera même aux États-Unis cet été.


Yazoo fait partie de ses groupes qui ont émergé au cours des années 80 et qui ont eu une durée de vie relativement courte. Faisant les premiers beaux jours de la dance, Yazoo est formé de Vince Clark et d'Alison Moyet, connue pour ses réalisations plutôt rock. Sans avoir sorti aucun album, Yazoo a sorti un bon nombre de singles à succès, comme Situation, Don't Go ou Only You. Splité en 1984, la seule trace du groupe reste Only Yazoo: The Best of Yazoo, une compilation, qui est sortie en 1999.

Le texte du magazine Billboard:

Tue, 22 Apr 2008 19:43:05 GMT

By Lars Brandle

LONDON (Billboard) - For Alison Moyet, the upcoming Yazoo reunion tour represents a chance to complete some unfinished business.

Although the British singer has carved out a hugely successful career as a solo artist since parting ways with her Yazoo protagonist Vince Clarke in the early 1980s, Moyet says she has always hankered to play the duo's electro-driven pop hits on stage.

"I wanted to do it, and never stopped wanting to do it," she tells Billboard. "If it had been one gig, it would have been good. I just wanted to do it."

As it turns out, the public wanted more than one gig. The duo's Reconnected tour itinerary has grown significantly since it was first announced last year. It will now begin May 26 in Copenhagen and proceed to Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States.

"I don't know how much of a window we'll be able to get in that kind of time," Moyet says of potential additional dates. "And I don't know how long that window's going to stay open for. We've had some really interesting things we've had to turn down just because of logistics. I like to not know things too far in advance because I get cabin fever."

Yazoo (or Yaz as they are known in the U.S.) enjoyed a brief, but fruitful recording career, which yielded just two albums. Both sets, "Upstairs at Eric's" and "You and Me Both," were commercial and critical successes, and generated a raft of hit singles including "Only You," "Don't Go" and "Nobody's Diary."

Next month, "In Your Room," a four-disc collection of remasters, remixes, B-sides, a DVD and the band's two studio albums will hit stores. Would Moyet consider recording new material?

"I hate the idea of just making a record because we can," she says. "It would have to be if when we were together and sparking creatively and we get some great ideas, we would consider it. There's absolutely no set-in-stone plan. But if we wrote a brilliant song while we were half-pissed after a gig, then that'd be fantastic. But if we don't, then f--k it."


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