Le festival musical Suoni Per Il Popolo a débuté


There will be a «Public Transit Recordings» showcase for the Suoni Per Il Popolo music festival, happening next THURSDAY JUNE 8 @ LA SALA ROSSA. This is gonna be a pure party, true PTR style. Shall we break it down?
LAL with dubby conscious electronic soul. Moonstarr with the bossabreakbeatbreakdown dancefloor madness. Soltribe with gorgeous Latin/Brazilian house dripping with the boogie. Tony Ezzy and his hilarious vingettes backed by heavy synth funk. More or Les and his on-point ruminations on the state of hiphop. Andy Williams with killer dancefloor jazz. Dialect with the broken beat shuffled step madness. Tashish on the hiphopsouljazzfunkabstractbiznizz tip.
Let's sum up the soon-to-be-experienced experience into one word: AMAZING. Yes there are a million and one things happening for Suoni and tons of other fests around town...this will be the only exclusive electronic/soul/hiphop showcase at the festival.
We will also be celebrating the release of More or Les' second album "The Truth About Rap", just about to be released on PTR. Yes indeed! You may have received a copy of this fine album by now. If you'd like more info, check out www.ptrmusic.com.


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