The Kills signés chez Domino Records


Les Disques Domino distribués par Outside Music ont annoncé la mise sous contrat du duo américain The Kills en vue de la sortie de leur prochain cd intitulé MIdnight Boom le 18 Mars 2008.

Rejoints en studio par Alex Hepton du trio hip hop américain Spank Rock aussi distribué aussi par Outside Music (YOYOYOYOYO Ninja Tune 25978-4091-2 $14.20), le duo propose une adroit et équilibré mélange de pop, de glam, de hip-hop blues et art-punk dont le résultat sont 12 pièces courtes et compactes qui nous explosent littéralement au visage. Une musique unique, d'une maturité impressionnante qui n'est pas sans rappeler certaines athmosphères glauques et sombres d'artistes comme Nick Cave et Tom Waits. Un premier extrait vidéo est disponible aux adresses mentionnées au bas de cette page.

Plus d'infos sur ce produit vous seront transmises dans les prochaines semaines. D'ici là, passez ce mot et les adresses qu'il contient:

Domino are very proud to announce the signing of The Kills and the release of their brand new album, Midnight Boom, on March 18, 2008.

On Midnight Boom, The Kills – Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart - subtly and organically fuse pop, glam, blues, art-punk and hip hop, in a manner that flits between light and dark, funny and morbid, experimental and cute. The result is a short, sharp twelve track album of sensual, fresh and atmospheric songs.

Midnight Boom is all about looking to the future. ‘We wanted to be forward-thinking, less conceptual and to dispense of all influences’, explains the Kills’ Jamie Hince. With this in mind, the band invited Spank Rock’s producer Alex Epton, aka Armani XXXchange, to assist with additional production and beats. ‘He gave us tips on how to make the rhythms more violent and gritty’.

To record Midnight Boom, Jamie and Alison headed out to their friends’ studio in Benton Harbour, Michigan. This inspired the title of the album, which is a reference to the moment the moon comes up and everyone else has gone to bed - it’s then that the Kills would lock themselves in the studio and immerse themselves in their music. Midnight Boom is burning bright, both timeless and utterly contemporary, a reminder that no one on earth makes rock and roll quite like The Kills.

Midnight Boom's CD and LP tracklisting:

1. U.R.A Fever 7. Black Balloon
2. Cheap And Cheerful 8. M.E.X.I.C.O.C.U.
3. Tape Song 9. Sour Cherry
4. Getting Down 10. Alphabet Pony
5. Last Day Of Magic 11. What New York Used To Be
6. Hook And Line 12. Goodnight Bad Morning

In the UK, Midnight Boom will be prefaced by the release of two singles, "U.R.A Fever", on January 7th and "Cheap and Cheerful" on March 3rd. We've suggested to Domino releasing an EP here in February with "URA Fever" and the b-sides of both UK singles at a low price.

The Kills will be touring the UK in February and early March, and will be touring North America immediately after that, including a performance at Domino's SXSW showcase.

The "U.R.A. Fever" video has now gone live on Pitchfork in the forkcast section

and top quality streams are below [please allow a minute or two to open]


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