Glass Candy le 2 octobre 2009 au Studio Juste pour rire de Montréal


Début de l'événement


Le duo porte étendard du disco cosmique et de l'étiquette Italians Do It Better, Glass Candy, reviennent à Montréal le vendredi 2 octobre dans le cadre du festival Pop Montréal. Pour l'occasion, ils seront accompagné de Desire, nouveau groupe montréalais sur Italians Do It Better et du dj parisien Cosmo Vitelli, tous les deux en première montréalaise. Le Cocktail Club Soundsystem assurera l'ouverture de la soirée.

Un party à ne pas manquer! Définitivement LA soirée qui fera danser le Pop Montréal.

Les dernières parutions de Glass Candy et Desire:
Glass Candy:

Glass Candy:
Cosmo Vitelli:

Biographie Glass Candy (en anglais):

Johnny Jewel and Ida No had been quietly helming a disco revolution for 10 years. But who are they ? Glass Candy have been described as distant and elusive which only adds to their magnetic mystique.

The duo formed the band in the mid-1990s, with No providing vocals and Jewel providing guitar, synths, and general production. While their early work blends noise rock with electropop, their later work incorporates Italo disco. The band is known for evolving through the years, and experimenting with various musical genres. They have released a number of albums since the early 2000s incl. B/E/A/T/B/O/X and their most recent being 2008's Deep Gems.

Their sound has been called ‘Italo’ and ‘smack disco’ and sees the dancefloor as a place of majesty and mysterious elegance, not the sweaty graveyard of ‘Agadoo’ and ‘The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)’. Partly due to Glass Candy’s classic songwriting and their archaic way of recording (Jewel only uses antique kit while No sings into a hand-held mic) much of ‘B/E/A/T/B/O/X’’s sound recalls Giorgio Moroder’s legendary work with Donna Summer. And, like Moroder, Jewel knows the best dance music has not only rhythm but edge and menace. ‘Digital Versicolor’ mixes ‘I Feel Love’ with the theme from John Carpenter’s Halloween while No intones her deadly nursery rhyme-like lyrics.

Zoo-Prod et Pop Montreal présentent:

Ven / Fri October 2 Octobre - portes à 22h00

GLASS CANDY (Italians Do It Better, Portland)
DESIRE (Italians Do It Better, Mtl)
COSMO VITELLI (I'm a cliché, Paris)

Billets $16,00 tx incl. à l'avance

Pour plus d'information, veuillez contact Alexandre Lemieux,