Double Feature in Bushwick‏, Brooklyn, New York



New Art & Performance

Mauricio Kagel
Mauricio Kagel / A. Rokafella Garcia


7:30PM @ space space

9:00PM @ Chez Bushwick

All Tickets $5

KAGEL NIGHT @ space space

Curated by Stephen Cooper & Sam Sowyrda

Surveying and dissecting the protean work of avant garde composer & filmmaker Mauricio Kagel, Kagel Night will immerse the viewer in Kagel's all-inclusive artistic vision. Performances will range from direct interpretations and abstracted tributes of his musical scores to interactive installation and film.

Mauricio Kagel was renowned for his hysterical use of theatricality in concert music settings and also in film, TV broadcasts, and radio plays. In his "instrumental theater" musicians are both instrumentalists and actors utilizing extended and classical musical techniques while parodying every conceivable element of contempoary culture. This dimension of his work will be a strong focus of Kagel Night, with performances and excerpts of: Acustica, Bine Brise, rrrrrrr..., Music for Renaissance Instruments,Ten Marches to Miss the Victory, Antithese, Recitativarie, Atem ...& more

Featuring Performances By:
beth griffith
evan louison
marching band to miss the victory
jordan mclean
geoff nosach
nonsense company (from Madison,WI)
zach paige
dan peck
sam sowyrda & dennis sullivan

space space
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A. Rokafella Garcia @ Chez Bushwick

Curated by Jane Gabriels

Surveying the work of veteran female breakdancer-bgirl Rokafella, who has provided a prolific contribution to the development and presentation of hip-hop performances and educational dance programming throughout NYC.

"All The Ladies Say"
Direction: A. "Rokafella" Garcia
DP: Jaquita Ta'le, Nadia Hallgren

This film highlights the lives of 6 iconic female street dancers from San Jose, California; Atlanta, Georgia; Miami, Florida and Chicago, Illinois who carve a niche in the physically challenging, male-dominated breakdance world. Discussions about motherhood, sexual tension, femininity versus masculinity and the mainstream images are a few of the themes explored by the documentary main characters.

The director is a veteran female breakdancer-(bgirl Rokafella) who co-founded a non profit in 1996 with her husband Kwikstep. Full Circle Prod Inc whose mission is to present uplifting hip-hop performances and provide educational hip-hop dance programming throughout NYC. In 2005, she felt the timing was perfect to introduce a national introspective discussion series that would bring the community together to address issues that can be resolved with sensitive and open minded communication. She wrote a grant proposal to the Ford Foundation to fund "The B Girl Sitdowns". In 2006 she curated a six-city series of discussions and activities that were organized and hosted by female street dancers in their respective cities, extending an invitation to all Hip-Hop artists. She has recently received a film production grant from Bronx Council onthe Arts and has continued her fund raising efforts through Full Circle Productions. On June 3, 2009 Full Circle will bring the main characters to the Bronx Museum to partake in a film screening Q & A, dance classes and dance demonstration as part of local teen council party and film fund raising activity.


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