DANSE - Chez Bushwick présente FORCE MAJEURE: Microsystème (A Studio Showing Of New Work)


Guests are invited to view the creative process of a staged rehearsal for GENOA / US, as part of the serial project directed by French Director Victor Gaulthier-Martin/Microsystéme, conceived for non-theatrical spaces such as museums, foundations and national parks. This work was developed during a Watermill Center Spring 2008 Residency, and has been staged with American performers.

Artistic Director: Victor Gauthier-Martin
(Based On Genoa 01 By Fausto Paravidino)

Chez Bushwick
304 Boerum St., Buzzer
Brooklyn, NY 11206
http://www.chezbushwick.net http://chezbushwick.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=E96CqAAWAAEAAASbAAHbgA

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Reservations Recommended:
Admission Is Free


From September 2007 – May 2008, Chez Bushwick will offer ten residencies to young choreographers from Austria, Belgium, Chile, Croatia, Finland, France, Holland, Norway, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States, through an innovative new program called FORCE MAJEURE. These periods of creative development will culminate in FREE public presentations of new performance, while catalyzing international dialogue between the dance communities of NYC and abroad. This program is designed to create discourse about new choreography, while ensuring that future generations of dance artists – and dance viewers - remain active and informed about the global dance community.

Support for Chez Bushwick's 2007-2008 is supported, in part, by the Cultural Development Fund from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

Microsystéme's showing in the United States has been made possible by Chez Bushwick, a creative residency at the Byrd Hoffman Water Mill Center, and le Consulat de France à New-York.


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