CFCF moves from Continent to Drifts


Montreal-based DJ and electronic artist CFCF (aka Michael Silver) is carrying on from the success of his debut album Continent with the release of Drifts. The six-track, all-Canadian remix EP will be released by Paper Bag Digital on June 29th, 2010. CFCF has been keeping himself busy since the release of his debut full length, recently remixing critically-acclaimed artists Owen Pallett and HEALTH.

Michael Silver has been creating tracks since his pre-teens and has only begun to present his music publicly in the last couple of years. CFCF's career began to take off with his contest winning remix of Crystal Castles "Air War" and has followed up with a chain reaction of official remixes for talents such as Sally Shapiro, The Presets, The Teenagers and Hearts Revolution among many others.

"For the songs on the album I usually started with an idea in mind of a specific atmosphere I wanted to convey," says Silver. "That atmosphere, whether it was something hazy, nostalgic, otherworldly or unsettling, was always the first thing to come to a track. The songs range from mid-tempo nu-disco to balearic, house to ambient. Often the basis of the atmosphere was culled from films by Werner Herzog, Michael Mann, David Lynch, and David Cronenberg as well as countless musical influences including Arthur Russell, Saint Etienne, and Tangerine Dream."

Drifts Tracklisting
1. Big Love (Junior Boys Remix)
2. Come Closer (Nacho Lovers Remix)
3. Come Closer (Azari & III Remix)
4. Letters Home (Memoryhouse Remix)
5. Big Love (Mathemagic Remix)
6. Snake Charmer (Young Galaxy Remix)

(Source : Paper Bag Records)


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