Carl Craig nominé aux Grammy Awards


Le DJ techno de Detroit Carl Craig, 38 ans, est en nomination pour le meilleur remix musical (celui de Junior Boys) aux Grammy Awards, un fait rare. Après avoir travaillé dans l'underground, son travail de pro est enfin reconnu. N'oublions pas qu'il a remixé Goldfrapp et LCD Soundsystem. Voici le texte du magazine Billboard diffusé ce soir:

It's all in the mix for techno producer Craig

NEW YORK (Billboard) - The career underground artist gets standard types of validation in electronic music. He might be name-checked as an influence by superstar DJs, remix a pop star or appear in a documentary. But it's rare -- make that unheard of -- that he snags a widely recognized mark of excellence, like, say, a Grammy Award nomination.

All that has changed with Carl Craig's nod in the best remixed recording, non-classical category for his remix of Junior Boys' "Like a Child," the latest in a series of subtle mixes for acts from Goldfrapp to LCD Soundsystem.

"I tried to hold on to the mood as best I could and just add a bit of me," Craig said of the remix. "That's what I do as a remixer now: I try less to destroy and re-create the song, and more to make it a collaboration, keeping as much of what they gave me that I can enjoy, using that inspiration and adding it on top."

The DJ/producer, who still lives in his native Detroit, has been on the scene for nearly 20 years, helping to proliferate the techno sound in its infancy and pushing its boundaries since. He's credited with kick-starting the drum 'n' bass subgenre in 1992 with tremulous single "Bug in the Bass Bin" (released as Innerzone Orchestra on his own Planet E label). He even opened a 2005 mixed compilation with Ying Yang Twins' "Wait (The Whisper Song)," because "I've always thought hip-hop is electronic music."

A few weeks after the Grammys, he'll release "Carl Craig Sessions" (!K7), a career retrospective of his best work and favorite tracks. "The timing is uncalculated," he said. "We had been talking about doing this for years."

Craig is finishing up a recording project with Motor City jazz collective Tribe. And he's trying to connect his most unlikely partners yet: electronic and classical. On Feb. 1 at Carnegie Hall, pianist Francesco Tristano Schlime will perform "Technology," a piece Craig wrote and recorded with electronic instruments, in classical style on the piano. Craig is also working with minimalist Moritz Von Oswald of beloved underground duo Basic Channel to imbue old master recordings of the Berlin Philharmonic with new electronic life, as part of the Deutsche Grammophon Recomposed series.

"We need to gain a historical respect for electronic music," Craig says. "Classical has had that for hundreds of years. I love all styles of music, but I don't find that electronic has the same type of timelessness."


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