The Cansecos at Club Lambi in Montreal on November 23, 2007


The Cansecos will be playing Montreal at Club Lambi on November 23. Their new album "Juices" will be released November 20.

Here is some info on The Cansecos:
The Cansecos are Toronto writing/production duo Bill Halliday and Gareth Jones, with live and studio support from rhythm aces Paul Prince (bass) and “Steely” Dan McCormick (drums). Their forward efforts in psychedelic electro-funk/rock production, melded with classic pop song writing, yield “emotionally rich, sonically widescreen mini-symphonies produced in bedrooms for less than most semi-solvent artists spend consulting their stylists for an hour” (Michael White, Editor - Westender).

The new album cooked up by Halliday and Jones follows up on a wild self-produced, self-titled debut whose 2003 release caught some attention for the duo being “true visionaries when it comes to creating a musical realm of endless possibilities” (Careless Talk), scoring an 8.2 on, and generally receiving a warm welcome from the world for their fresh take on electronic music, despite that the recording of the album was done on little more than some outdated, falling-apart computers and a four-track recorder.

The Cansecos deploy their live band formation in November to perform the songs of “Juices!” across Canada, playing shows in the west with Small Sins and the east with label-mates The Russian Futurists.


November 11th Vancouver, Media Club /w Small Sins
November 13th Victoria, Logan’s /w Small Sins
November 14th Nanaimo, The Queen's Hotel /w Small Sins
November 15th Kelowna, Doc Willoughby's /w Small Sins
November 16th Calgary, TBA /w Smalls Sins
November 17th Edmonton - TBA /w Small Sins
November 18th Saskatoon, Amigos /w Small Sins
November 19th Winnipeg, West End Cultural Centre /w Small Sins
November 22nd Toronto, The Drake Underground w/The Russian Futurists
November 23rd Montreal, Club Lambi w/The Russian Futurists
November 24th Ottawa, Zaphod Beeblebrox w/The Russian Futurists


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