Blood Meridian à la Sala Rossa de Montréal le 11 novembre


Blood Meridian 'Kick Up The Dust On Tour...
November 9th - Toronto - The Horseshoe Tavern
November 10th - Kingston - The Grad Club
November 11th - Montreal - La Sala Rossa

Watch Blood Meridian live in Amsterdam

"Matt Camirand, bassist with the similarly titled Vancouver rock bands black mountain and the black halos, names this one after a grim portentous novel by Cormac McCarthy. So it follows that “kick up the dust” would convey southern gothic fixation, even though it was created at higher, cooler latitudes. Mr. Camirand’s voice has the cracked yet supple quality of
distressed leather, and his songs elevate the prosaic—trudging to work every day, keeping a lover appeased—into something profane and almost comically grave. With more of a sneer, some of these songs might suggest the stark revisionist balladry of eagles of death metal; with more of a smirk, they could evoke the world of beck’s “Odelay.” this is a good summer album I the
way that a sun=bleached cattle skull is a good summer image."

- New York Times


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