Archipel label releases Somfay's new CD


Canadian-based artist Somfay returns with a much-anticipated full-length conceptual album on Archipel Musique. Two years in the making, A Catch In the Voice is Somfay’s second LP on Archipel, and is scheduled for release on March 31, 2009. Regular and collector’s editions will be available exclusively through CDBaby for a limited time, after which the album will also be distributed digitally via the likes of Beatport, iTunes and WhatPeoplePlay.

Beyond techno: a sound in transition

A Catch In the Voice marks something of a transition for Somfay. Though it does feature some techno stylings, these are more subtle, forming a structure through and over which melodies flow. This time around, Somfay meanders through the no man’s land between genres like ambient, IDM and techno, blending new inspirations with a touch of the old. If Boards of Canada were to collaborate with James Holden or Minilogue, the output might vaguely resemble this. Whatever stylistic labels one may apply, the 16 tracks on A Catch In the Voice are infused with peculiar energy and complex emotion.

A concept album with a unifying mood

Somfay eschews the boundaries of genre in favour of exploring an idiosyncratic sonic environment with a distinctly otherworldly feel. He employs unusual recording techniques to achieve unique textures, evoking a state of reverie where one is no longer sure where reality ends and dreams begin. With its complex atmospherics and cinematic soundscapes of epic proportions, A Catch in the Voice oscillates between the meditative and the rhythmic, all the while tinged with some indefinable blend of mystery and nostalgia. If it is true that poetic qualities reside in the potential of a work to yield multiple interpretations, then Somfay’s latest will continually reward listeners with new revelations over time.

“Some stories leave room for interpretation and A Catch in the Voice intends to be one where the experiencer is the catalyst for new meaning to be formed,” says Somfay. “For each person, a new story is created within them—and only them—and remains there subject only to external interpretation. As with all perception, there is no way to tell if we are all experiencing the exact same thing, and this album builds upon that and will ultimately be a personal and individual experience for every listener.”

50 limited-edition collector’s CDs

To celebrate the release of Somfay’s long-awaited follow-up effort, Archipel has created a hand-made, limited-edition version of the album for collectors. The custom-designed package includes 2 CDs and a collection of Polaroid pictures taken by Somfay. A total of 50 were made and each one is numbered.

About Somfay

A Canadian artist hailing from the province of Ontario, Somfay has over the years cultivated a very personal approach to making electronic music. Since 2004, he has had releases on a variety of labels, such as Traum. However, the majority of his work has appeared on Archipel, where he has developed a very close collaboration with the label team. Somfay’s tracks have been featured on mix CDs by electronic music luminaries such as Sven Vath and Michael Mayer. His website is

About Archipel Musique

Founded by Pheek in 2004 and based in Montreal, the Archipel label is a community of more than 70 artists brought together by a shared vision and approach to making music. A pioneer in direct digital distribution via mp3, Archipel also releases music on CD and 12" vinyl. The label’s vinyl offerings have received support from renowned artists such as Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin. To celebrate its 60th digital release, Archipel has invited Jeff Samuel to make something… different. Visit the label’s website at


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