Abe Duque: Live and on Acid‏


Abe Duque is in the mood for love and his new compilation Live and on Acid is out July 5, 2010 on Music Response.

CD 1 of the compilation is Abe now - the first-ever recording of his awe-inspiring live show that's gone down a storm everywhere from Berghain to Fabric to Japan to Australia. With three new tracks and the older tracks and mixes tweaked beyond recognition, it's almost a new artist album ...

CD 2, meanwhile, is Abe then: 16 acid-house classics drawn from Abe's first DJing days with the club kids at the Limelight New York. An acid and techno heritage that Abe has drawn on through 18 years of hits like What Happened?, Acid, and Disco Nights.

The tour is booking now. Get in quick so your dates can be included with PR for the compilation. Also check Abe Duque's website and get to know his most often heard words over the past few years:


And as always: You find his contact details, tour schedule, tech-rider etc online at



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