5 Apps for Fun and Productive Commutes



Les personnages de l'application Duolingo

Your commute can be a source of inspiration, or it can become a boring part of your daily life, but generally, commutes last longer than an hour, and regardless of your mode of transportation, you want to have productive and entertaining apps that will distract you and boost your mood. For this purpose, we have compiled a list of great apps that will make your commute better.

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Duolingo is a language learning app that has a worldwide audience all around the world. The app is fun because it has a lot of different games that you can play example book also has great dramatical exercises and a community of users that can help improve your language fluency, so if you're looking to do something fun and productive, this is the perfect for you it also has paid version that supports some exclusive premium features including an option to repair your mistakes personalized to your needs, a quiz to track your progress, and no ads.


Habitica is a great app for anyone that's looking to cultivate better habits and become more productive. As you complete the tasks, you earn points, and your avatar gets better resources like magic wands, pets, and you also reach higher levels with better benefits.

Otherwise, if you want to tackle bigger projects, the app gives you a good overview of your assignments on your progress over time while you can also use it with your friends or family members, which will help you keep each other accountable towards reaching your goals.


Audible is a popular app among users who want to listen to audiobooks. The library of audiobooks features hundreds of top-quality books, and you will find a lot of different classics, new best-sellers, or industry-specific books. Furthermore, you can also choose from original content, including podcasts that are well produced and research on many different topics.

There are also useful features that allow you to exchange books or borrow them. But keep in mind this is a subscription-based app, and you need to pay a monthly subscription in order to access the titles.


Nothing beats Netflix TV shows and series when you are looking for great entertainment. Quality video streaming platforms provide hundreds of great options accessible for smart TVs, tablets, and other mobile devices. So, if you want to catch your favorite program on the move, simply download the app and have your pick from top Netflix original TV shows and films.