1ère partie de l'arbre généalogique du peintre Henry-Daniel Thielcke : Family Tree of Henry Daniel Thielcke (1788-1874)


On voit ici une des deux parties de l'arbre généalogique de la famille du peintre Henry-Daniel Thielcke (1788-1874), à partir de ses parents, jusqu'à aujourd'hui (2008). @ copyright Patrick White 2008

Family Tree of Henry Daniel Thielcke (1788-1874) - Arbre généalogique

Johan Thielcke (father - père) 1760-1830
Born in Mecklenburg, Germany
Died in London, England

Henry Daniel Thielcke (1788-1874)
Born in Buckingham Palace
Died in Chicago
Married to Rebecca Piercy (of Northumberland, England, 1801-1880)

H. D. Thielcke had three children (Henry Richard, Rebecca, Charles Mackay Thielcke), among them:
Charles MacKay Thielcke (1838-1884)
Born in Quebec City
Died in Dijon, France
He married Flora «Flossie» Maitland (1840-1930). She
was the daughter of John Maitland (who moved from Scotland to
St. Joseph, Michigan). The Maitland was the family namne of
Scottish Earls of Lauderdale

Charles Mackay Thielcke had four children (Isabel, Rosalie, Charles Maitland, Flora):

Isabel Thielcke (1860-1948)
Married Carl Erlich
Their son Carl never married

Rosalie Thielcke (1863-1961)
Married John Nesdall
No children

Charles Maitland Thielcke (1866-1936)
Married Ethel Lowe (1888-1962)
Had one child: Charles Thielcke (1910- , dropped family name to Lowe in 1930s)
Charles Lowe married Naomi Greiner (1912-still alive)

Flora Thielcke (1871-1960)
Married Ernesto de Gogorza (Del Monte & Gogorzo families moved from Spain
to Brooklyn, New York)
They had one kid: E. Maitland de Gogorza (1898-1941), who married Julia Brodt

Ernesto’s brother, Emilio de Gorgorza, married Emma Eames but they had no children
Julia Brodt and Ernesto de Gogorza had three kids:
Franceska, Patricia, Madelaine

Charles Lowe and Naomi Greiner had two children:
1) James Rogers Lowe (1941, from Sea Cliff, New York)
Married Betty Broberg
They had three children: Christian (1972); Heather (1974), Thimothy (1976)

2) Evelyn Claire Lowe (1945-)
Married Erhard Hardekopf
They had two children:
Eric (1970- )
Marc (1976-)


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